The Story Behind Saving Jane

You wouldn’t believe if I told you that the popular music band Saving Jane started out as a campfire song sung by strangers. Marti Dodson who was a junior vocalist at Ohio State University and Pat Buzzard who was a guitarist, joined together on a bonfire and then became friends. They then started composing music and songs together and then they formed the band Saving Jane and hired in Dak Goodman as the drummer. The name of the band was derived from a cartoon show. Their shows were based in their home country, Columbus. When they were gaining popularity, Kris Misevski who was a leading guitarist at that time showed interest in joining the group. The group then borrowed a bass player who later left in a year.

In 2002 Jeremy Martin joined Saving Jane as the bass player who also left in 2008 and the current bass player is Eric Flores. The constant changing of the group members also affected their basic music genre which moved from acoustic to alternative rock music. The lead guitarist of the group, left when the group manager proclaimed to lay emphasis on Dodson. The group now is stable and has Pat Buzzard, Marti Dodson, Dak Goodman, Brandon Hagan and Eric Flores as its members.

The first official debut by Saving Jane, ‘Girl Next Door’ became a chart topper in October 2005 in Toucan Cove. The band gained its popularity right from the first full-length debut album with this single being aired over every radio. The single was #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and even saw its popularity with #9 at MTV’s Total Request Live. They even released a country remix of the song which was a popular song in iTunes store. In 2006 the song was revived when Julie Roberts re-recorded a new version of the song for her album ‘Men and Mascara’.

In the same year, 2005 August, the next single ‘Come Down to Me’ was released which also topped the charts with a whooping sale of over 100,000 copies. The next album ‘One Girl Revolution’ after the success of ‘Girl Next Door’ was released in August 7, 2007. The re-release version Supergirl did the trick for the band. In the year 2009 and 2010, the band released several top rated songs in the iTunes. It was ‘Butterflies’ in 2009 and ‘Vampire Diaries’ in 2010 that caught the attention of the people. The band has now changed its name from Saving Janeto Union Rose following disputes.